My Marketing Plan - Kraft Fine Homes

Request For A Complimentary Packet from Kraft Fine Homes

The First Steps:

Upon execution of your listing documents, Kraft Fine Homes will implement the following first steps to market your home:

  • Hi-resolution HDR photo and video session is scheduled with award-winning real estate photographers and videographers.
  • We request you write a brief narrative of why YOU love your home!
  • Discussion of your home’s positive attributes and areas for improvement.
  • Gather current list of recent home improvements and energy bills.
  • Your home’s description sent for your approval and editing prior to posting in MLS and numerous real estate websites.

“Karen, thanks for the outstanding pictures. We do not recognize the place. We see things now that we overlook everyday. The drone shots are from angles that have never been seen before except for the hawks that circle our yard.  Unbelievable!  Well done!!!”  –Larry


  • Our top-notch photographers will touch up and post photos and video of your home on ALL KEY real estate websites within FOUR DAYS of Kraft Fine Homes listing your property!
  • Our marketing team will create a custom brochure for placement in your home, which will be handed to potential buyers during their visit.
  • A Kraft Fine Homes sign will be placed in your front yard, with a “Coming Soon” notice, which often creates so much excitement, sellers receive offers even before home is available online
  • Your home will be posted and marketed using: YouTube, Facebook, HGTV, Trulia, Vimeo, EXP Realty, MLS,, Zillow, Redfin, Million Dollar Listing websites, if applicable, Sophisticated Living, The Voice, and other luxury real estate publications. Furthermore, EXP Properties will feature your home throughout the entire state of Kentucky to be considered by buyers preparing to move to Louisville; your home may be featured as the
    National Property of The Week!
  • Your home will be featured on the Kraft Fine Homes Website, using SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep your home at the top of mind of potential buyers.
  • Kraft Fine Homes will host sophisticated Broker’s Open Houses and Public Open Houses, inviting all interested agents and public individuals to preview your home. A vital part of the success of these events is Karen’s Kraft’s exclusive contact list, procured over decades of conducting
    business in the Louisville market.

Custom Brochure Placement

Two examples of Kraft Fine Homes marketing brochures that will be created personally for your home.


  • Kraft Fine Homes believes communication is critical in selling your home. Karen will be constantly available and responsive, providing personal service and same day return phone calls, addressing questions and assuring your home will sell for the highest possible value in the shortest time frame.
  • You will receive a weekly report detailing interest in your property and website traffic, providing a foundation for discussion in adjusting marketing as needed.
  • If you have not received an offer within 30 days, we will conduct a forum review, discussing and formulating an extensive plan for next steps.
  • We WILL get your home SOLD! We look forward to the opportunity to implement our significant marketing talent and secrets, and prove to you why we’re the best in the business!